Glass Reaction System

EG1Glass reaction system is used for carrying out reactions under stirred condition and with provision for simple reflux distillation.

The reaction vessel is mounted in a heating bath and fitted with addition vessel, motor-driven stirrer and provision for condensation with refluxing. The product is sub-cooled and collected in a receiver.

The units are available in vessel sizes of 20, 50, 100, 200 & 300Ltr is suitable for operation under atmospheric pressure and full vacuum.

Reaction Distillation System

EG2The unit has been designed to suit the customers requirement of combination of versatile reaction / distillation or combination for pilot plant work. This has a flexibility of working at atmospheric pressure as well as under vacuum.

Typical unit has a reaction vessel fitted in a Metal Heating/Cooling bath having facility for heating and cooling bath by means of Heating/Cooling Fluids as a media. The Standard system is equipped with stirrer heaving mechanical seal,a packed column on the side neck of the vessel, reflux divider, coil type condenser and or receiver system having a product, cooler, vent, drain and vacuum valves, Option of speed variation by machanical variator or electronic variator can be provid.

Receiver system is equipped with product cooler. Vent / vaccum valve and drain valve.

The above unit are available in 10 Ltr./20 Ltr./50Ltr.100 Ltr./200 Ltr. & 300Ltr Capacity with Spherical Reactor.

Liquid Extraction System

EG33Liquid extraction system sometimes called solvent extraction is the separation of constituents of a liquid solution by contact with another insoluble liquid. The unit described here is for a semi-batch operation.

The liquid to be extracted is poured into an extraction vessel. Solvent is boiled in a reboiler vessel and condensed in an overhead condenser, the condensed liquid collecting in a reflux divider and passing through pipework to the extraction vessel. The pipework incorporates valves in order that the solvent can enter the extraction vessel at either the base or the top, depending on the relative densities of the solvent and liquid to be extracted. The solvent and the extracted liquid pass back to the reboiler and process is repeated unit the extraction is complete. The extraction vessel is then drained and the solvent evaporated from the reboiler vessel and collected in the extraction vessel enabling the two liquids to be drained from their respective vessels

The units are available in vessel size of 10, 20 & 50 Ltr. and is suitable for operation under atmoshepric pressure.

Distillation Overhead Assembly For GLR

EG4Design and features are built according your requirements. Glass lined reactors are used instead of glass reactors specially. When scale of operation is large and relatively high pressure steam is to be used as heating media. Quite often assemblies like Simple Distillation unit, fractional Distillation unit etc. are installed above glass lined reactors. The basic features of these assemblies remain the same but glass shell and tube heat Exchanger is perferred due to large scale of operation. The different type of distillation unit over GLR is shown in adjecent figure GMP Version are standard option.

Solid Liquid Extraction System


We offer high quality Solid Liquid Extraction System. This is a semi batch unit designed for liquid-to-liquid extraction as a means of separation. Liquid to be extracted should be treated with the solvent of different density. A liquid mixture is poured in the extraction vessel. Solvent in the reactors is boiled and condensed, and passed to the extraction vessel from where liquid is extracted and mixed with solvent and passes to the reboiler. The process is repeated until extraction is complete. Solution is again evaporated to obtain the extract.

The Modular Liquid Extraction Unit is complete with spherical vessel, heating bath, condenser, reflux divider, extraction vessel, and necessary pipeline and valves. The unit is supplied with solvent feed either from top of from bottom, or with common arrangement. Moreover, we are identified as one of the most reputed Mini Liquid Extraction Unit Exporters, based in India.

Shell and Tube Over GLR

EG6We are engaged in offering the finest range of Glass Distillation Unit. Our product range is available in various technical specifications, and is a general purpose batch distillation unit that is to be operated under vacuum. The glass fractional distillation unit is complete along with a spherical vessel, drain valve, heating bath, thermometer pocket, liquid inlet, packed column, a coil condenser, product cooler and twin receiver. In addition to this, provide reactor unit as well as simple distillation unit, to be executed at atmospheric pressure. Furthermore, the glass reaction distillation unit is supposed to be operated under atmospheric pressure and vacuum.

Jacketed Vessel

EG7We are instrumental in offering the finest quality range of Jacketed Vessel, which is a general purpose reactor. Our product range can be conveniently operated at atmospheric pressure or in vacuum. We provide these jacketed vessel with jacketed cylindrical vessel, cover flush bottom valve, thermometer pocket, liquid inlet tube, gas sparging tube, vent valves, anchor stirrer and mechanical seal. Besides, other type of stirrer can be availed from us in place of anchor stirrer as per the choice of our clients. Along with this a battery 4PTFE baffles removable type is provided, and a condenser assembly can be attached (can be ordered separately) on the vapor nozzle.