Coupling And Gasket

GP1Couplings are a strong heavy-duty system that provides maximum reliability with minimum need for maintenance. This is achieved by use of easy to install corrosion resistant gaskets and carefully dimensioned individual parts of the coupling. The material of construction is selected based on the type of products being handled the atmospheric conditions of installation area. For GMP application SS coupling with SS nuts bolts are used.

The complete range of standard components available is described on the following pages. Non-standard components can also be supplied against special orders.

Column Component

GP2Column components provide the optimum solution for every requirement such as distillation, absorption, reaction, rectification & extraction because of wide range of different components available. This applies not only to various types of column & pipe sections available but also to the wide selection of internals & packing that can be supplied. The transparency factor of glass column is a particular advantage in visual monitoring of the process at all times.

The complete range of standard column components is descried on the following pages, of the support. Non-standard components can also be supplied as per your order.

Vessel And Stirrer

GP3Vessels & stirrers provide best solution for all requirements encountered in production processes because of wide range of vessels available. Vessels in either unjacketed or jacketed form are essential components of many units & plants. The vessels can be combined with various components as stirrers, stirrer drive, vessel covers & heat exchangers to construct wide variety of stirred units & reaction systems. These vessels find universal application as reactors, receivers, reboilers, separators, measuring, feed vessels & storage vessels in chemical industry. The complete range of standard vessels & assemblies is described in following pages. Non-standard assemblies can also be supplied. Please feel free to ask us for the same.


Valve And Filter

GP4Valves & Filters can be relied upon to require minimum maintenance& to provide maximum reliability. They provide relatively easy on off function to control flow & pressure relief.

All wetted parts of valves & filters are made of borosilicate glass 3.3 & PTFE or PFA, which ensures maximum resistance to corrosion. In addition valve glass body provides visual monitoring of valve operation at all times.

The complete range of standard valves is described in following pages

All wetted parts of valves & filters are made of borosilicate glass 3.3 & PTFE or PFA, which ensures maximum resistance to corrosion. In addition valve glass body provides visual monitoring of valve.

Sight Glass

GP5Sight glass is a device used between any kind of non transparent pipeline to observe the flow of liquid. This can be used both in horizontal as well as vertical pipeline. Sight glass is constructed in such a way that it gives a complete view from every angle.

A sight glass consists of one glass pipe section, one metal frame, a pair of PTFE bushes and washers and an acrylic cover. Borosilicate pipe section is highly heat resistant, has excellent chemical resistance and has low thermal expansion. Metal frame is composed of two flanges which are welded with studs so that the stresses and vibrations of the pipeline do not transfer to the glass pipe section. Its check nut keeps the glass pipe section in compression and provides ease in replacement.

PTFE bushes on both sides of glass pipe section ensures that liquid in the pipeline does not come in contact with metal frame. PTFE washers are used as gaskets while fitting the sight glass in the pipeline. Acrylic cover covers the glass pipe section and protects it from outer damages.

Sight glass can be supplied with MS/SS304/SS316 frame with any standard drilling.

Pipeline Component

GP6Borosilicate glass 3.3 pipeline is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, dyes & allied industries such as food & drink production & electroplating units.

The main reasons for wide acceptance of  borosilicate glass 3.3 are because of [a] Universal resistance to almost all chemicals resulting in reduced contamination risk, [b] Transparency for ease of visual monitoring of the process [c] Smooth surface allows easy cleaning & sterilization of systems. This guarantees long service life & minimal maintenance requirements.

The complete range of standard pipeline component is described here under. Non-standard components can also be supplied against your order. Many of the components listed in this section are also used in design of process plants. For example pipe sections are used in columns, reducers are used as top & bottom components in columns and feed pipes are fitted on reducing tees. For end finishing available please refer to section Technical Information.

HCL Absorption Tower

GP7HCL absorption columns are used for absorption of Hydrochloric gas which statutorily are not permitted to vent in to the atmosphere, and to produce the HCL acid.

The column is constructed with a series of packed sections, a gas introduction point below that a condenser on the top, and a cooler at the bottom. Make water is sprayed from the top and acid is collected from the bottom.

HCL absorption column are available in 80DN to 300DN diameter (for the gas rate 10 Kgs/hr to 300 Kgs/hr appx.)

HCL3 80mmx3m 0.35m2X2 19kg/hr
HCL4 100mmx4m 0.5m2X2 20kg/hr
HCL6 150mmx4m 1.5m2X2 60kg/hr
HCL9 225mmx4.5m 2.5rn2X2 150kg/hr
HCL12 300mmx4.5 2.5m)X2 300kg/hr