Jacketed Reactor

IPE1This is a general purpose reactor, can be operated at atmospheric pressure, or vaccum.

These vessels are provided with jacketed cylindrical vessel, cover flush bottom valve, thermometer pocket, liquid inlet tube, Gas sparging tube, vent valve, anchor
stirrer and mechanical seal.

Other type of stirrer can be also provided in place of anchor stirrer on demand.

A battery of 4PTFE baffles, removable type can be provided

Condenser assembly as per requirement can be attached (can be ordered seperatly) on the vapour nozzle.

Cat. Ref.
ON Jacket
JR5 5L 150 2L 40 DN
JR10 10 L 225 5 L 50 DN
JR25 25L 300 10 L 80 DN
JR50 50L 400 20L 1000N




Tubular Supporting Structure

IPE2Structure are designed to support plant and other equipments in borosilicate glass 3.3. These structures are available in the form of modular system that not only meet standard requirement but also facilitate solutions for problems of unique nature. These structures consist of steel tubings, which are connected using the appropriate fittings. As a result these structure can be assembled, dismantled, expanded or modified very easily & quickly. Standard support is made of G.I. tubes with C.I. fittings. For GMP application SS pipes with SS fittings are used.

Condenser Over GLR

IPE3This is general purpose batch reaction distillation unit to be operated at atmospheric pressure or vaccum.

Vapour from the GL Reactor rises through the column and enters into the condensers. Condensate then is either reflexed back or collected into a container or receiver.

The unit is complete with bellow, column, pipeling, coil condensers, thermometer pocket, vent, reflux line and drain valve.

A receiver with drain valve can be added optionally. Refer selection chart for different options available for couplings, structure, receiver vessel etc.

The unit is available for reactors from 63L to 300L.

Cat. Ref.
GRU500 500 L 10Ornmx2m 0.35 0.1
GRU1000 1000 L 100mmx2m 0.5 0.2
GRU2000 2000 L 150mmx3m 1.5 0.35
GRU3000 3000 L 150mmx3m 1.5 0.35




Shell And Tube Over GLR

IPE4Glass Shell and Tube heat exchangers can be used for condensation of vapours, vaporisation, cooling and heating of liquid, and have come out to be more advance
beneficial for its following advantages Bigger Heat transfer are in unit.
Less pressure drop.
Stuffing box sealing allows easy tube replacement.The Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers are available in various combinations of Glass/Metal, Metal/FRP in Shell &
Headers. Shell & Tube heat exchanger consists of a cylindrical shell which house a glass tube bundle, Tubes are sealed with shell with the help of PTFE tube sheets. Each tube is individually sealed tube sheets at both the ends. Baffles are provided in the shell to maintain state of turbulence of fluid as well as to hold the tibes.
Shell & tube heat exchanger can be operated within a temp. range of -40°C to 150°C on either side, however differential temp. should not exceed 120°C at any point.

Also, these can be used predominantly under full vaccum, provided differential pressure does not exceed 3 bar gram.

The range of overall heat transfer co-efficient in the shell & tube heat exchanger in most of the application range between 300-900 kcal/m2,h,°C These are available  in different standard models from 3M2to26M2

Glass Shell
RGG6/3 3 150 2500
RGG6/5 5 150 3800
RGG916 6 225 2800
RGG110 10 225 4100
RGG12112 12 300 2800
RGG12126 26 300 4100